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Sitting on a Rock



Understanding yourself more deeply

Recognizing what you want and why

Knowing where your best fit is

Accepting and caring for who you are

Mountain Peak


You tapped into all your inner strengths

You had goals that really suited you

You knew where your joy was

You knew where to focus your energy

As your advisor, I will suggest a range of assessments to consider depending upon the kind of information you need in order to achieve your goals.
Laptop Writing
We will start with an online assessment. (approx.45 min)
Then we will review the assessment results.

In a one-to-one meeting (virtual during pandemic), I will thoroughly validate the assessment results based upon our interview.

Shiny Ladder
Cherry Blossoms

When you are confident that this process has clearly identified in you key ways that you interact with the world and with yourself, you can consider your next steps.  

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