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Teams are more than just clusters of individuals who have their own agendas.

They work together to achieve common goals.  The better they understand each other, the more effective they will be.

Moving People


Team? No.

How much trust do you see here? People who don't know each other well are not equipped  to collaborate together.

Business Team


The Process


Introducing facilitator and process. Taking note of individuals' functions and priorities.

Laptop Writing
Creative Office


I meet with your team and get a quick picture of where you are at.

Laptop Writing


Everyone takes an online assessment followed by individual interviews with facilitator.


This is where the synergy happens!

Team members share, compare and contrast their assessment results. This is often where bonds are strengthened. Just as important, it tends to be where differences are seen in a new light based on mutual respect and trust.


The take-away...

You and your team receive a comprehensive report detailing:

  • team feedback before assessment

  • group assessment results

  • team feedback from regroup session

  • recommendations based upon the type composition of the team and the goals of the organization.

Working Together
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