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First Words

I am standing by with others in a small circle of love. We are watching as two newcomers to our family and to the human experience are gathering and synthesizing an astounding myriad of stimuli into meaning. They are four months old and their personalities are in the formative stage. Both have been busy taking in information about the world through their five senses. They have also been working hard at developing all of their neuromuscular systems so that they can eventually move freely and express themselves. Walking and talking. The ability to decide to go somewhere or say something will allow their personalities to shine forth. Will one or both be extraverted? Will one like to learn by doing while the other dwells on make-believe? Will empathy or reasoning become the basis for them as they decide what actions to take? We will be waiting for those first words and first steps. Our love makes us deeply interested in these two wonderful new personalities coming into being.

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